60mm Mortar Projectile Launcher

Section IV

No. 6

A device to launch 60 mm mortar rounds using a metal pipe 2-1/2 In. (6 cm) In diameter and 4 ft. (120 cm) long as the launching tube.


  • Mortar, projectile (60 mm) and charge increments
  • Metal pipe 2-1/2 In. (6 cm) in diameter and 4 ft. (120 cm) long, threaded on one end
  • Threaded end cap to fit pipe
  • Bolt, 1/8 in. (3 mm) in diameter and at least 1 In. (2-1/2 cm) long
  • Two (2) nuts to fit bolt
  • File
  • Drill


1. Drill hole 1/8 In. (3 mm) in diameter through center of end cap.

2 11 60mm Mortar Projectile Launcher

2. Round off end of bolt with file.

2 21 60mm Mortar Projectile Launcher3. Place bolt through hole in end cap. Secure in place with nuts as illustrated.

2 31 60mm Mortar Projectile Launcher

4. Screw end cap onto pipe tightly. Tube is now ready for use.

2 41 60mm Mortar Projectile Launcher


1. Bury launching tube in ground at desired angle so that bottom of tube is at least 2 ft. (60 cm) underground. Adjust the number of increments In rear finned end of mortar projectile. See following table for launching angle and number of increments used.

2 51 60mm Mortar Projectile Launcher2. When ready to fire, withdraw safety wire from mortar projectile. Drop projectile Into launching tube, FINNED END FIRST.

2 61 60mm Mortar Projectile LauncherCAUTION: Be sure bore riding pin is in place in fuse when mortar projectile Is dropped into tube. A live mortar round could explode in the tube if the fit is loose enough to permit the bore riding pin to come out partway.

2 71 60mm Mortar Projectile LauncherCAUTION: The round will fire as soon as the projectile is dropped into tube. Keep all parts of body behind the open end of the tube.

2 8 60mm Mortar Projectile Launcher

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