American Military History

Center of Military History United States Army

Washington, DC 1989

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Chapter Page
Front Matter v
Introduction 1
The Beginnings 18
The American Revolution: First Phase 41
The Winning of Independence, 1777-1783 70
The Formative Years, 1783-1812 101
The War of 1812 122
The Thirty Years’ Peace 148
The Mexican War and After 163
The Civil War, 1861 184
The Civil War, 1862 209
The Civil War, 1863 236
The Civil War, 1864-1865 262
Darkness and Light: The Interwar Years, 1865-1898 281
Winning the West: The Army in the Indian Wars, 1865-1890 300
Emergence to World Power, 1898-1902 319
Transition and Change, 1902-1917 343
World War I: The First Three Years 358
World War I: The U.S. Army Overseas 381
Between World Wars 405
World War II: The Defensive Phase 423
Grand Strategy and the Washington High Command 446
World War II: The War Against Germany and Italy 473
World War II: The War Against Japan 499
Peace Becomes Cold War, 1945-1950 529
The Korean War, 1950-1953 545
The Army and the New Look 572
Global Pressures and the Flexible Response 591
The U.S. Army in Vietnam 619
Suggested Readings 695
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