Automobile Generator Power Source

Section VII

No. 11

An automobile generator can be used as a means of fixing one blasting cap or igniter. (Improvised Igniter, Section V, No. 2, may be used.)


  • Automobile generator (6, 12, or 28 volts). (An alternator will not work.)
  • Copper Wire
  • Strong string or wire, about 5 ft. (150 cm) long and 1/16 in. (1-1/2 mm) in diameter
  • Knife
  • Small light bulb requiring same voltage as generator, (for example, bulb from same vehicle as generator).


1. Strip about 1 in. (2-1/2 cm) of coating from both ends of 3 copper wires. Scrape ends with knife until metal is shiny.

36 14 Automobile Generator Power Source

2. Connect the A and F terminals with one piece of wire.

36 21 Automobile Generator Power Source

3. Connect a wire to the A terminal. Connect another to the G terminal.

36 31 Automobile Generator Power Source

NOTE: The F and G or C terminals may not be labeled; in this case, connect wires as shown. The F terminal is usually smaller in sire than the C or G terminal.

4. Wrap several turns of string or wire clockwise around the drive pulley.


1. Connect the free ends of the wires to the light bulb.

36 41 Automobile Generator Power Source

2. Place one foot on the generator to secure it in place. Give the string or wire a very hard pull to light the bulb.

36 51 Automobile Generator Power Source

NOTE: If not successful at first, rewind string and try again several times. After repeating this operation and the bulb still does not light, follow Step 4, “How to Use.”

3. If light bulb lights, follow Steps 1 and 2 of above, “How to Use,” connecting free ends of wires to blasting cap or igniter instead of to light bulb.

4. If light bulb does not light after several pulls, switch leads connected to F and G terminals. Repeat above “How to Use,” Steps 1 to 3.

36 61 Automobile Generator Power Source

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