Delay Igniter from Cigarette

Section VI

No. 3

A simple and economical time delay can be made with a common cigarette.

Material required

  • Cigarette.
  • Paper match.
  • String (shoelace or similar cord).
  • Fuse cord (improvised or commercial).


1. Cut end of fuse cord to expose inner core.

2. Light cigarette in normal fashion. Place a paper match so that the head is over exposed end of fuse cord and tie both to the side of the burning cigarette with string.

3. Position the burning cigarette with fuse so that it burnt freely. A suggested method is to hang the delay on a twig.


Common dry cigarettes burn about 1 inch every 7 or 8 minutes in still air. If the fuse cord is placed 1 inch from the burning end of a cigarette a time delay of 7 or 8 minutes will result.

Delay time will vary depending upon type of cigarette, wind, moisture, and other atmospheric conditions.

To obtain accurate delay time, a test run should be made under “use” conditions.

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