Egg Systems

Section V


The white of any bird egg can be used to gel gasoline for use as a flame fuel which will adhere to target surfaces.


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CAUTION: Make sure that there are no open flames in the area !when mixing flame fuels. NO SMOKING!

1. Separate egg white from yolk. This can be done by breaking the egg into a dish and carefully removing the yolk with a spoon.

NOTE: DO NOT GET THE YELLOW EGG YOLK MIXED INTO THE EGG WHITE. If egg yolk gets into the egg white, discard the egg

2. Pour egg white into a jar, bottle, or other container and add gasoline.

3. Add the salt (or other additive) to the mixture and stir occasionally until gel forms (about 5 to 10 minutes).

NOTE: A thicker gelled flame fuel can be obtained by putting the capped jar in hot (65°C) water for about 1/2 hour and then letting them cool to room temperature. (DO NOT HEAT THE GELLED FUEL CONTAINING COFFEE).

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