Fertilizer AN-AL Explosive

A dry explosive mixture can be made from ammonium nitrate fertilizer combined with fine aluminun powder. This explosive can be detonated with a blasting cap.


  • Ammonium nitrate fertilizer (not less than 32% nitrogen)
  • Fine aluminum bronzing powder
  • Measuring container (cup, table¬spoon, etc.)
  • Mixing container (wide bowl, can, etc.)
  • Two flat boards (one should be comfortably held in hand and one very large, i.e. 2 x 4 and 36 x 36 in.)
  • Storage container (jar, can, etc.)
  • Blasting cap
  • Wooden rod - 1/4 inch diameter
  • Pipe, can or jar


  • Farm or Feed Store
  • Paint Store


1. Method I - To obtain a low velocity explosive.

a. Use measuring container to measure four parts fertilizer to one part aluminum powder and pour into the mixing container. (Example: 4 cups of fertilizer to 1 cup aluminum powder.)

b. Mix ingredients well with the wooden rod.

2. Method II - To obtain a much higher velocity explosive.

a. Spread a handful at a time of the fertilizer on the large flat board and rub vigorously with the other board until the Large particles are crushed into a very fine powder that looks like flour (approx. 10 min per handful).

NOTE: Proceed with step b below as soon as possible since the powder may take moisture from the air and become spoiled.

b. Follow steps a and b of Method I.

3. Store the explosive mixture in a waterproof container, such as glass jar, steel pipe, etc., until ready to use.


Follow steps 1 and 2 of “How To Use” in Section I, No. 7.

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