Field Manual 5-250: Explosives and Demolitions

Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Example Calculations
Chapter 1: Military Explosives
Chapter 2: Initiating Sets, Priming, and Firing Systems
Chapter 3: Calculation and Placement of Charges
Chapter 4: Bridge Demolition
Chapter 5: Demolition Operations
Chapter 6: Demolition Safety
Appendix A: Example Calculations
Appendix B: Metric Charge Calculations
Appendix C: Use of Demolition Charges
Appendix D: Expedient Demolitions
Appendix E: Power Requirements for Series Firing Circuits
Appendix F: Instructions for Completing Demolitions-Related Report
Appendix G: Explosives Identification
Appendix H: Methods of Attacking Bridges with Demolitions
DA Form 2203-R: Demolition Reconnaissance Record
Authorization Letter
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