Grenade Launchers

Section IV

No. 5

A variety of grenade launchers can be fabricated from metal pipes and fittings. Ranges up to 600 meters (660 yards) can be obtained depending on length of tube, charge, number of grenades, and angle of firing.


  • Metal pipe, threaded on one end and approximately 2-1/2 in. (6-1/4 cm) in diameter and 14 in. to 4 ft. (35 cm to 119 cm) long depending on range desired and number of grenades used.
  • End cap to fit pipe
  • Black powder, 15 to 50 gm, approximately 1-1/4 to 4-1/4 tablespoons (Section I, No. 3)
  • Safety fuse, fast burning improvised fuse (Section VI, No. 7) or improvised electric bulb Initiator (Section VI, No. 1 Automobile light bulb is needed)
  • Grenade(a) - 1 to 6
  • Rag(s) - about 30 in. x 30 in. (75 cm x 75 cm) and 20 in. x 20 in. (55 cm x 55 cm)
  • Drill String

NOTE: Examine pipe carefully to be sure there are no cracks or other flaws.


METHOD 1 - If Fuse Is Used: End Cap

1. Drill small hole through center of end cap.

2. Make small knot near one end of fuse. Place black powder and knotted end of fuse in paper and tie with string.

3. Thread fuse through hole in end cap and place package in end cap. Screw end cap onto pipe, being careful that black powder package is not caught between the threads.

4. Roll rag wad so that it is about 6 in. (15 cm) long and has approximately the same diameter as the pipe. Push rolled rag into open- end of pipe until it rests against black powder package.

5. Hold grenade safety lever in place and carefully withdraw safety pin.

CAUTION: If grenade safety lever is released for any reason, grenade will explode after regular time. (4-5 sec.)

6. Holding safety lever in place, carefully push grenade into pipe, lever end first, until it rests against rag wad.

7. The following table lists various types of grenade launchers and their performance characteristics.

(a) For this range, an additional delay is required. See Section VI, No. 11 and 12.

(b) For multiple grenade launcher, load as shown.

NOTE: Since performance of different black powder varies, fire several test rounds to determine the exact amount of powder necessary to achieve the desired range.


1. Bury at least 1/2 of the launcher pipe in the ground at desired angle. Open end should face the expected path of the enemy. Muzzle may be covered with cardboard and a thin layer of dirt and/or leaves as camouflage. Be sure cardboard prevents dirt from entering pipe.

NOTE: The 14 In. launcher may be hand held against the ground instead of being buried.

2. Light fuse when ready to fire.

METHOD II - If Electrical igniter is used:

NOTE: Be sure that bulb is in good operating condition.

1. Prepare electric bulb initiator as described in Section VI

2. Place electric initiator and black powder charge in paper. Tie ends of paper with string

3. Follow above Procedure, Steps 3 to end.


1. Follow above How to Use, Step 1.

2. Connect leads to firing circuit. Close circuit when ready to fire.

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