Latex Systems

Section V

No. 4. 5

Any milky white plant fluid it a potential source of latex which can be used to gel gasoline


NOTE: If acids are not available, use acid salt (alum, sulfates and chlorides other than sodium or potassium). The formic acid from crushed red ants can also be used.


CAUTION: Make sure that there are no open flames in the area

when mixing flame fuels. NO SMOKING!

1. With Commercial Rubber Latex:

a. Place 7 parts by volume of latex and 92 parts by volume of gasoline in bottle. Cap bottle and shake to mix well.

b. Add 1 part by volume vinegar (or other acid) and shake until gel forms.

[CAUTION: Concentrated acids will burn skin and destroy clothing. If any is spilled, wash away immediately with large quantities of water.

2. With Natural Latex:

a. Natural latex should form lumps as it comes from the plant. If lumps do not form, add a small amount of acid to the latex.

b. Strain off the la£ex lumps and allow to dry in air,

c. Place 20 parts by volume of latex in bottle and add 80 parts by volume of gasoline. Cover bottle and allow to stand until a swollen gel mass is obtained (2 to 3 days).

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