Low Signature System

Section III

No. 11

Low signature systems (silencers) for improvised small arms weapons (Section III) can be made from steel gas or water pipe and fittings.


  • Grenade container
  • Steel pipe nipple, 6 in. (15 cm) long - See Table I for diameter
  • 2 steel pipe couplings - See Table II for dimensions
  • Cotton cloth - See Table II for dimensions
  • Drill
  • Absorbent cotton


1. Drill hole in grenade container at both ends to fit outside diameter of pipe nipple. (See Table I.)

2. Drill four (4) rows of holes in pipe nipple. Use Table I for diameter and location of holes.

3. Thread one of the pipe couplings on the drilled pipe nipple.

4. Cut coupling length to allow barrel of weapon to thread fully into low signature system. Barrel should butt against end of the drilled pipe nipple.

5. Separate the top half of the grenade container from the bottom half.

6. Insert the pipe nipple in the drilled hole at the base of the bot¬tom half of container. Pack the absorbent cotton inside the container and around the pipe nipple.

7. Pack the absorbent cotton in top half of grenade container leaving hole in center. Assemble container to the bottom half.

8. Thread the other coupling onto the pipe nipple.

NOTE: A longer container and pipe nipple, with same “A” and “B” dimensions as those given, will further reduce the signature of the system.


1. Thread the low signature system on the selected weapon securely.

2. Place the proper cotton wad size into the muzzle end of the system.

3. Load Weapon

4. Weapon is now ready for use.

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