Lye Alcohol Systems

Section V

No. 4.2

Lye (also known as caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide) can be used in combination with alcohol and any of several fats to gel gasoline for use as a flame fuel.

NOTE: This fuel is not suitable for use in the chemical (Sulphuric Acid) type of fire bottle (Section V, No. 1). The acid will react with the lye and break down the gel.


6 21 Lye Alcohol Systems

NOTE: The following can be substituted for the tallow:

(a) Wool grease (Lanolin) (very good) — Fat extracted from sheep wool.

(b) Castor oil (good).

(c) Any vegetable oil (com, cottonseed, peanut, linseed, etc.)

(d) Any fish oil

(e) Butter or oleomargarine

It is necessary when using substitutes (c) to (e) to double the given amount of fat and of lye for satisfactory bodying.


CAUTION: Make sure that there are no open flames in the area when mixing flame fuels. NO SMOKING!

1. Pour gasoline into bottle, jar or other container. (DO NOT USE AN ALUMINUM CONTAINER).

2. Add Tallow (or substitute) to the gasoline and stir for about 1/2 minute to dissolve fat.

3. Add alcohol to the gasoline mixture.

4. In a separate container (NOT ALUMINUM) slowly add lye to an equal amount of water. Mixture should be stirred constantly while adding lye.

CAUTION: Lye solution can burn skin and destroy clothing. If any is spilled, wash away immediately with large quantities of water.

5. Add lye solution to the gasoline mixture and stir occasionally until thickened (about 1/2 hour).

NOTE: The mixture will eventually (1 to 2 days) thicken to a very firm paste. This can be thinned, if desired, by stirring in additional gasoline.

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