Mousetrap Switch

Section VII

No. II

A common mousetrap can be used to make a circuit closing switch for electrically initiated explosives, mines and booby traps.


  • Mousetrap
  • Hacksaw or File
  • Connecting wires

27 1 Mousetrap Switch


1. Remove the trip lever from the mousetrap using a hacksaw or file. Also remove the staple and holding wire.

27 21 Mousetrap Switch

2. Retract the striker of the mousetrap and attach the trip lever across the end of the wood base using the staple with which the holding wire was attached.

NOTE: If the trip lever is not made of metal, a piece of metal of approximately the same size should be used.

27 31 Mousetrap Switch

3. Strip one in. (2 1/2 cm) of insulation from the ends of 2 connecting wires.

4. Wrap one wire tightly around the spring loaded striker of the mousetrap.

27 41 Mousetrap Switch

5. Wrap the second wire around some part of the trip lever or piece of metal.

27 51 Mousetrap Switch

NOTE: If a soldering iron is available, solder both of the above wire a in place.


This switch can be used in a number of ways — one typical method is presented here.

The switch is placed inside a box which also contains the explosive and batteries. The spring loaded striker is held back by the lid of the box and when the box is opened the circuit is closed.

27 61 Mousetrap Switch

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