Plastic Explosive Filler

A plastic explosive filler can be made from potassium chlorate and petroleum jelly. Thia exploaive can be detonated with commercial #8 or any military blasting cap.



Manufacture of matches

Medicine Lubricant


Potassium chlorate

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)

Piece of round stick

Wide bowl or other container for mixing ingredients.


1. Spread potassium chlorate crystals thinly on a hard surface. Roll the round stick over crystals to crush into a very fine powder until it looks like face powder or wheat flour.

2. Place 9 parts powdered potas­sium chlorate and 1 part petro­leum jelly in a wide bowl or simi­lar container. Mix ingredients with hands (knead) until a uniform paste is obtained.

NOTE: Store explosive in a waterproof container until ready to use.

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