Pull-Loop Switch

Section VII

No. 6

This switch will initiate explosive charges, mines, and booby traps when the trip wire is pulled.


  • 2 lengths of insulated wire
  • Knife
  • Strong string or cord
  • Fine thread that will break easily


1. Remove about 2 Inches of insulation from one end of each length of wire. Scrape bare wire with knife until metal is shiny.

2. Make a loop out of each piece of bare wire.

3. Thread each wire through the loop of the other wire so the wires can slide along each other.

NOTE: The loops should contact each other when the two wires are pulled taut.


1. Separate loops by about 2 inches. Tie piece of fine thread around wires near each loop Thread should be taut enough to support loops and wire, yet fine enough that it will break under a very slight pull.

2. Fasten one wire to tree or stake and connect end to firing circuit.

3. Tie a piece of cord or string around the other piece of wire a few Inches from the loop. Tie free end of cord around tree, bush, or stake. Connect the free end of the wire to the firing circuit. Initiation will occur when the tripcord is pulled.

CAUTION: Be sure that the loops do not contact each other when the wires are connected to the firing circuit.

OTHER USES: The switch minus the fine thread may be used to activate a booby trap by such means as attaching it between the lid and a rigid portion of a box, between a door and a door Jamb, and In similar manners.

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