Rope Grenade Launching Technique

Section VII

No. 9

A method of increasing the distance a grenade may be thrown. Safety fuse is used to increase the delay time.


  • Hand grenade (Improvised pipe hand grenade, Section II, No. 1 may be used)
  • Safety fuse or fast burning
  • Improvised Fuse, (Section VI, No. 7)
  • Light rope, cord, or string


1. Tie a 4 to 6 foot (a meter) length of cord to the grenade. Be sure that the rope will not prevent the grenade handle from coming off.

Note: If improvised grenade is used, tie cord around grenade near the end cap. Tape in place if necessary.

2. Tie a large knot in the other end of the cord for use as a handle.

3. Carefully remove safety pin from grenade, holding safety lever in place. Enlarge safety pin hole with point of knife, awl, or drill so that safety fuse will pass through hole.

4. Insert safety fuse in hole. Be sure that safety fuse is long enough to provide a 10 second or more time delay. Slowly release safety lever in place.

CAUTION: If safety lever should be released for any reason, grenade will explode after regular delay time (4-5 sec.).

NOTE: If diameter of safety fuse is too large to fit in hole (Step 4), follow procedure and How to Use of Time Delay Grenade, Section VI, No. 9, instead of Steps 3 and 4 above.


1. Light fuse.

2. Whirl grenade overhead, holding knot at end of rope, until grenade picks up speed (3 or 4 turns).

3. Release when sighted on target.

CAUTION: Be sure to release grenade within 10 seconds after fuse is lit.

NOTE: It is helpful to practice first with a dummy grenade or a rock to improve accuracy. With practice, accurate launching up to 100 meters (300 feet) can be obtained.

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