Shotshell Dispersion Control

Section III

No. 3

When desired, shotshell can be modified to reduce shot dispersion.


  • Shotshell
  • Screwdriver or knife
  • Any of the following filler materials: Crushed Rice, Rice, Flour, Dry Bread Crumbs, Fine Dry Sawdust


1. Carefully remove crimp from shotshell using a screwdrive or knife.

37 1 Shotshell Dispersion Control

NOTE: If cartridge is of roll crimp type, remove top wad.

37 2 Shotshell Dispersion Control2. Pour shot from shell.

37 3 Shotshell Dispersion Control3. Replace one layer of shot in the cartridge. Pour in filler material to fill the spaces between the shot.

37 4 Shotshell Dispersion Control

4. Repeat Step 3 until, all shot has been replaced.

5. Replace top wad (if applicable) and re-fold crimp.

37 5 Shotshell Dispersion Control

6. Roll shell on flat surface to smooth out crimp and restore roundness.

37 6 Shotshell Dispersion Control7. Seal end of case with wax.

37 7 Shotshell Dispersion Control


This round is loaded and fired in the same manner as standard shotshell. The shot spread will be about 2/3 that of a standard round.

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