TACC (Tetramminecopper (II) Chlorate)

Tetramminecopper (II) chlorate is a primary explosive that can be made from sodium chlorate, copper sulfate and ammonia. This explosive is to be used with a booster explosive such as picric acid (Section I, No. 21) or RDX (Section I, No. 15) in the fabrication of detonators (Section 6, No. 13)


  • Sodium chlorate
  • Copper sulfate
  • Ammonia hydroxide
  • Alcohol, 95% pure
  • Wax, clay, pitch, etc.
  • Water
  • Bottle, narrow mouth (wine or coke)
  • Bottles, wide mouth (mason jars)
  • Tubing (rubber, copper, steel) to fit narrow mcuth bottle
  • Teaspoon
  • Improvised scale
  • Heat source
  • Paper towel
  • Pan
  • Tape
  • Cup


Section I, No. 23 Medicine

  • Weed killer, hardware store Section I, No. 14
  • Insecticide, hardware store
  • Water purifying agent
  • Household ammonia
  • Smelling salts


1. Measure 1/3 teaspoon (2-1/2 grams) of sodium chlorate into a wide mouth bottle. Add 10 teaspoons of alcohol.

16 1 TACC (Tetramminecopper (II) Chlorate)2. Place the wide mouth bottle in a pan of hot water. Add 1 teaspoon (4 grams) of copper sulfate to the mixture. Heat for a period of 30 minutes just under the boiling point and stir occasionally.

16 2 TACC (Tetramminecopper (II) Chlorate)CAUTION: Keep solution away from flame.

NOTE: Keep volume of solution constant by adding additional alcohol approximately every 10 minutes.

3. Remove solution from pan and allow to cool. Color of solution will change from blue to light green. Filter solution through a paper towel into another wide mouth bottle. Store solution until ready for step 6.

16 3 TACC (Tetramminecopper (II) Chlorate)

4. Add 1 cup (250 milliliters) of ammonia to the narrow mouth bottle.

16 4 186x300 TACC (Tetramminecopper (II) Chlorate)5. Place tubing into the neck of bottle so that it extends about 1-1/2 inches (4 cm) inside bottle. Seal tubing to bottle with wax, clay, pitch, etc.

6. Place free end of tubing into the chlorate-alcohol-sulfate solution (Step 3). Heat bottle containing ammonia in a pan of hot water, but not boiling, for approximately 10 minutes.

16 5 300x165 TACC (Tetramminecopper (II) Chlorate)

7. Bubble ammonia gas through the chlorate-alcohol-sulfate solution, approximately 10 minutes, until the color changes from light green to

dark blue, Continue bubbling for another 10 minutes.

CAUTION: At this point the solution is a primary explosive. Keep away from flame.

8. Remove the solution from the pan and reduce the volume to about 1/3 of its original volume by evaporating in the open air or in a stream of air.

NOTE: Pour solution into a flat container for faster evaporation.

9. Filter the solution through a paper towel into a wide mouth bottle to collect crystals. Wash crystals with 1 teaspoon of alcohol and set aside to dry (approx. 16 hours).

16 6 TACC (Tetramminecopper (II) Chlorate)CAUTION: Explosive is shock and flame sensitive. Store in a capped container.

NOTE: The drying time can be reduced to 2 hours if a hot (not boiling ) water bath is used.

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