Time Delay Grenade


No. 9

This delay mechanism makes it possible to use an ordinary grenade as a time bomb.


  • Grenade
  • Fuse Cord

IMPORTANT: Fuse cord must be the type that burns completely. Slow burning improvised fuse cord (Section VI, No. 7) is suitable. Safety fuse is not satisfactory, since its outer covering does not burn.


1. Bend end of safety lever upward to form a hook. Make a single loop of fuse cord around the center of the grenade body and safety lever. Tie a knot of the non-slip variety at the safety lever.

NOTE: The loop must be tight enough to hold the safety lever In position when the pin is removed.

2. Measuring from the knot along the free length of the fuse cord, measure off a length of fuse cord that will give the desired delay time. Cut off the excess fuse cord.


1. Place hand around grenade and safety lever so safety lever Is held in place. Carefully remove pin.

2. Emplace grenade In desired location while holding grenade and safety lever.

3. Very carefully remove hand from grenade and safety lever, making sure that the fuse cord holds the safety lever in place.

CAUTION: If loop and knot of fuse cord do not hold for any reason and the safety lever Is released, the grenade will explode after the regular delay time.

4.Light free end of fuse cord.

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