Wine Bottle Cone Charge

Section II

No. 3

This cone charge will penetrate 3 to 4 inches of armor. Placed on an engine or engine compartment it will disable a tank or other vehicle.


  • Glass wine bottle with false bottom (cone shaped)
  • Plastic or castable explosive
  • Blasting cap
  • Gasoline or Kerosene (small amount)
  • String
  • Adhesive tape

28 1 Wine Bottle Cone Charge


1. Soak a piece of string in gasoline or keroaene. Double wrap thia string around the wine bottle String approximately 3 in. (7 1/2 cm) above the top of the cone.

NOTE: A small amount of motor oil added to the gasoline or kerosene will improve results.

28 2 Wine Bottle Cone Charge2. Ignite the string and allow to burn for 1 to 2 minutes. Then plunge the bottle into cold water to crack the bottle. The top half can now be easily removed and discarded.

28 3 Wine Bottle Cone Charge

3. If plastic explosive is used: (a) pack explosive into the bottle a little at a time compressing with a wooden rod. Fill the bottle to the top.

(b) press a 1/4 in. wooden dowel Bottom Half 1/2 in. (12mm) into the middle of 0f Bottle the top of the explosive charge to form a hole for the blasting cap.

28 4 Wine Bottle Cone Charge

4. If TNT or other castable explosive is used:

(a) break explosive into small pieces using a wooden mallet or non-sparking metal tools. Place pieces in a tin can.

(b) Suspend this can in a larger container which is partly filled with water. A stiff wire or stick pushed through the smaller can will accomplish this.

28 5 Wine Bottle Cone Charge

CAUTION: The inner can must not rest on the bottom of the outer container.

(c) Heat the container on an electric hot plate or other heat source. Stir the explosive frequently with a wooden stick while it is melting.

CAUTION: Keep area well ventilated while melting explosive. Fumes may be poisonous.

(d) When all the explosive has melted, remove the inner container and stir the molten explosive until it begins to thicken. During this time the bottom half of the wine bottle should be placed in the container of hot water. This will preheat the bottle so that it will not crack when the explosive is poured.

(e) Remove the bottle from hot water and dry thoroughly. Pour molten explosive into the bottle and allow to cool. The crust which forms on top of the charge during cooling should be broken with a wooden stick and more explosive added. Do this as often as necessary until the bottle is filled to the top.

(f) When explosive has completely hardened, bore a hole for the blasting cap in the middle of the top of the charge about 1/2 in. (12mm) deep.


1. Place blasting cap in the hole in the top of the charge. If nonelectric cap is used be sure cap is crimped around fuze and fuze is long enough to provide safe delay.

28 6 Wine Bottle Cone Charge

2. Place the charge so that the bottom is 3 to 4 in. (7 1/2 to 10 cm) from the target. This can be done by taping legs to the charge or any other convenient means as long at there is nothing between the bass of the charge and the target.

28 7 Wine Bottle Cone Charge3. If electric cap is used, connect blasting cap wires to firing circuit.

28 8 Wine Bottle Cone ChargeNOTE: The effectiveness of this charge can be increased by placing it inside a can, box, or similar contains r and packing sand or dirt between the charge and the container .

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